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Georgia Association of Private and Parochial Schools: Strategic Planning

The success of a private school is dependent upon putting together an effective strategic plan.

Your strategic plan should maximize strengths, reduce weakness, and anticipate challenges that are found in the ever changing educational environment. In order to start a plan a school must be willing to make an honest assessment of their current performance and be willing to make changes and improvements.

The importance of strategic planning cannot be underestimated. GAPPS has made strategic planning, one of the four pillars of success and has created a library of information to help member schools build the road map for success.

The benefits of a good strategic plan include:

  1. Creating a shared vision and mission. The plan will allow for current examination of the mission and bi-laws of the school. A new focus, direction and energy can be put into a strategic plan, while keeping the positives and identity of the school.
  2. Creating a framework of communication and decision making. When a school is communicating properly, short term and long term decisions will become more effective for long term success. Governance and management responsibilities must also be clear within the plan.
  3. Creating a road map and prioritizing. Within a plan, there will be objectives that need to be properly prioritized. A step by step guide of objectives and timing of completion will keep a school on the track for success.
  4. Allocation of resources. A private school generates revenue through tuition and fundraising. Since resources can be scarce at times, the proper allocation of those resources becomes very important to a strategic plan. Realistic assumptions should be made for matching available revenue with the goals of the strategic plan.
  5. Monitoring success. A good plan is the completion of a series of stated objectives. The plan must include short term and long term evaluation of completed objectives. With proper monitoring of the plan, surprises will be minimized and adjustments can be made to keep the plan on track.

Building Success

GAPPS has made strategic planning one of the four pillars of success for private education and is developing resources to help our member schools. By providing access to important learning tools and information GAPPS can play an important role in assisting schools with professional development and planning.