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Georgia Association of Private and Parochial Schools: Board Training

The effectiveness of a private independent school finds its roots in a strong school board

The primary responsibility of a board is setting the mission of the school, hiring and overseeing school head, and keeping a close eye on the fiscal health of the school. A challenge for any school board is to set the proper boundaries and responsibilities between the board and the school management team. If the boundaries and responsibilities are not made clear, it is likely the school will experience issues that could potentially cause serious damage to the school.

Some of the issues that can prove fatal to the effectiveness of a board include:

  • Micro-management of Administrators and Staff
  • Board Members with a single issue agenda
  • Improper chain of communication
  • Lack of information provided to the Board
  • Poor quality information provided to the Board
  • Members acting as individuals instead of a governing body

Building Success

A school board that works in a cohesive manner can be the greatest asset for a private school.

Board members bring outside perspective and knowledge as well as resources that can help the private school grow and meet the mission and the goals of the school. GAPPS appreciates all board members who give their time, effort and resources to their school.

In this section we have provided tools that can help board members become more effective in their roles. GAPPS considers board training so important to a school that we have made it one of the four pillars of success in private education,